What’s up, Unfollowers? Atheists receive many of the same questions over and over from theists, so I thought I would give my thoughts on them. Here are some brief answers. If you want my more in-depth thoughts on each question, please listen to the podcast!

Where did the universe come from?
The Big Bang is as far back as we can trace it. It’s hard to say what happened before that, or if there even was a “before

Why do you hate god if you don’t believe in him?
I don’t hate god. I don’t believe in god. Many atheists are angry after deconversion, but it’s not at god; they’re mad because they spend several years, if not the majority of their lives, living something that they now believe to be a lie.

If there is no god, where do your morals come from?
Morality is subjective and has evolved over time. Morals differ by societies, but overall, I think empathy plays a major part. Our brains understand pain. We don’t want others to inflict that pain on us, so we also choose to not inflict that pain on others. Societies work together for the overall good.

What happens when we die?
We go into the ground. I know it’s not the happiest thing to think about, but I truly think that’s it. We don’t remember all of the years before we were born, so it will be the same way when we die.

What is the point of life if there is no god?
This life is more meaningful if we believe it’s the only one we get.

Why do you have faith in evolution?
We don’t have FAITH in evolution. Evolution is a fact. I am no biology expert, but people have dedicated their entire lives to studying evolution. Science isn’t biased. Science is testing and measuring the results.

What if you’re wrong?
This is the weakest question that atheists are asked because every single religion could ask the same question to atheists and each other.

What does it matter if someone else believes? Religion doesn’t hurt anyone.
Religion has been responsible for many wars and deaths throughout time, and it also causes bigotry, hatred, and judgment based on a person’s beliefs or lack thereof. It can also cause significant trauma to those who are in the religion or stuck with family members who are.

Why do you claim there is no god?
Most atheists don’t claim this. The ones who do are considered “strong atheists” and are in the minority. Most of us just go where the evidence points.

If we evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?
We didn’t evolve from monkeys; we have common ancestors with primates.

Why were early Christians willing to die for Jesus, if he wasn’t the real savior?
This is common in several religions throughout history. People are willing to die for what they believe. Look at how cultists act.

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