Happy Sunday, Unfollowers!

Hope you’ve had a great week. 2020 just keeps the hits coming with the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Truly terrible news. I feel like if we can survive 2020, we can survive anything. Cliche, I know.

I also watched The Social Dilemma on Netflix last night. I’m definitely aware that I’m addicted to my phone, but this sheds some light on just how influential social media can be. Some big names in social media have stepped away for ethical reasons, and others stopped using some of the technology that they, themselves, created!

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Full Blouse

Please don’t unsubscribe just because of that bad pun. So, if you know who actress Candace Cameron Bure is, you likely know that she is also an outspoken Christian. Normally, defending Christians isn’t my forte, but this story is ridiculous.

She posted a picture with her husband of 24 YEARS, and he has his hand on her boob in it. This sparked OUTRAGE among Christian Karens, who posted things like this:

I saw it on Buzzfeed, and then I also saw that Talk Purity To Me made an Instagram post about it.

Preach Fighter II

This is old, but it’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time. It’s only 3 minutes long, so please watch it!!

What’s your favorite part? I lost it at 2:10. Watch HERE.

Richard Dawkins Reads Hate Mail

I love Richard Dawkins. I can’t imagine how much hate mail and how many hateful messages this man receives. I’m just a lowly Instagram/YouTube/Twitter atheist, and I get a shitload, myself. If you write a bestselling book like The God Delusion, the hate is going to pile up sky-high.

This is so fucking hilarious, and I’m nearly in tears. I love his delivery, and these messages just show the hypocrisy of theists.

I am 100% motivated to make a video/podcast like this with all of the hateful messages that I receive. Check out the video HERE.

Never Really One of Us

I feel like I talk about this a lot, but it’s probably because it’s so common. Every day, I’m told that I was never a real Christian just because I’m not one anymore. It’s insulting and a little infuriating. Do they honestly think that people who live for Christ for decades were insincere or never had the same experiences they have? It’s so dismissive. Neil Carter, former Christian, writes about it:

“Never mind that I “got saved” at 16 and dove headfirst into ministry, studying the Bible, witnessing, praying fervently, and teaching Sunday School for the next decade. Never mind those preaching stints during college. Never mind the weeks on end staying up till 3am in my dorm studying and discussing biblical theology with friends until we were too tired to speak coherent sentences. Never mind the years of study at a conservative seminary to obtain a Master’s degree in Biblical Studies.

Never mind the decade of involvement as a leader in my church or that I started getting invitations to speak to groups in other states, even traveling overseas. Never mind the book I wrote on Christian community and the gospel (all twelve people who read it loved it!). Never mind the countless hours of my passion and time and resources that I poured into being a Christian over a 20 year period of time.”

You’re telling me that this dude wasn’t a real Christian? Just because I stopped believing in Santa doesn’t mean that I never did as a kid.

Full article HERE

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy your day!

Let logic and reason guide the way!


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