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Welcome to the end of February AKA “The First False Spring in Tennessee.” The high today is supposed to reach 76. I’m sure it will be snowing again next week.

Weather is neat.

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Nonreligous Discrimination

I find it funny that I hear and see so many believers talking about the discrimination against Christianity. Hmm…you realize you’re the majority, right? Try being an atheist. If you’re like me, it’s not always easy to bring up your lack of faith. I’ve gotten some crazy looks for saying that I don’t believe in God. I’ve become much more comfortable doing so in the last year.

Religion News Service put out an article about discrimination toward people who don’t believe:

Nearly one-third (29.4%) of survey participants who attend school or who have children attending school reported having had negative experiences in an educational setting because of their nonreligious identity,” according to the report. “More than one in five (21.7%) employed or recently employed survey participants reported negative experiences in employment because of their nonreligious identity.

Click HERE for the full article which contains more interesting statistics.


Imagine being so upset with whom people choose to love that you have to go sing hymns to drown out a queer show. That’s exactly what this group did.

Speaking to Pedestrian.TV, one performer at the Live & Queer event said: “They were trying to drown out the music with hymns. You could definitely see and hear the Christians.”

It’s so bizarre that people can’t just let others live their lives. This is bordering on Westboro Baptist-type shit.

Full article HERE.

Belief it or Not

I saw a post on Instagram from @beliefitornotpodcast about how their YouTube channel had blown up. I had to go check it out! They’ve been putting out some really entertaining videos the last couple of months about different aspects of church culture. I think you’ll like them. They incorporate a lot of TV and movie references.

The most recent one is about god’s need to be worshipped. Check it out HERE.

McKayla Maroney

Remember McKayla Maroney? I don’t think she’s been in the news much lately, but I saw an article about her possibly being in a cult called Church of the Master Angels. From the Yahoo article:

It describes itself as “a unitary, non-denominational, faith-based community Church” that welcomes “all seekers of truth, cosmic awareness and soul-realization, regardless of belief, tradition, creed, or religious affiliation that promotes the selfless worship of God through the teaching of God’s Masters, Angels, and Holy Saints.”

On the website, members can receive free blessings and remote healings, plus they have access to video workshops. It hawks various supplements, such as phytoplankton droplets, and sells vague audio “repair” prayers for $200.

I’m all for people doing what is good for them, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else, but this thing seems pretty fucking wild. It’s led by some dude named Master John. This is what she posted about him.

“I don’t know if I can put into words what Master John has done for me,” the post reads. “My life only gets better because of Master John… Thank you never seems like enough. So I listen to all the tools, (his CDs) to try and be the best person I can be. To honor him, and make him proud. We love you Master John. Thank you!”

Full article HERE.

In Case You Missed It

I had a nice chat with Blair from @talkpuritytome: https://youtu.be/JKaH9GTeNdw 

Also, Norm Macdonald doesn’t think that atheists exist: https://youtu.be/vQbhQ3fc-2c 

Have a wonderful & sinful day!


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