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The fear of hell is something that keeps many people from leaving Christianity. It’s not the only thing, of course, but when you’re told that you will burn forever if you don’t believe that Jesus is lord, it is a terrifying thought.

Is this something that anyone should be teaching their kids? Is it a form of child abuse?

When your god can convict you of thought crimes (aka “lust = adultery or hate = murder) and then hits you with Matthew 7:21, if you don’t shit your pants, you’ll at least be too scared to even question things. 

According to, there are over 100 verses that talk about hell.

These are some helpful pointers I’ve found to get over the fear of hell:

  1. Realize that the only reason you believed in hell to begin with was indoctrination.
  2. Understand that all we know and all that has been proven is in the natural world.
  3. There are hells in other religions. You never feared any of those, and they never feared the one that your religion claims. It’s the same.
  4. Know that if a god existed and truly loved us, he would never create a place like that. Infinite punishment for finite crimes?
  5. The people who claim to have been to hell and back are only pulling those thoughts from their subconscious, indoctrinated minds.

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