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Q&A with Friends!

On Sunday 11/1 (two weeks from today), I’ll be hosting a live Q&A session with some Instagram friends/creators.

Blair- Talk Purity To Me (https://www.instagram.com/talkpuritytome

Will- Heretical Theology (https://www.instagram.com/heretical_theology

Paige- Mindful Humanist (https://www.instagram.com/mindfulhumanist

Emily- Leaving Christianity (https://www.instagram.com/leavingchristianity

We’ll answer your questions about:

The Bible

Purity Culture


Questioning Your Faith

Being an Atheist


And whatever else you’d like to ask!

Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGPFfe0xLxg&feature=youtu.be

Make sure to subscribe and set a reminder! I’ll also be taking questions early, if you can’t be there for the livestream, so you can reply to this email with any that you have.

Religion vs. Christian Nationalism

Religion itself presents a certain amount of issues, but Christian nationalism takes it to the next step. When people start merging Christianity with American, it becomes a problem. The far right is getting to a place where the Venn diagram is basically just a circle. We’re headed in a dangerous direction with the “us vs. them” mentality. From a ReligionNews.com article:

“Christian nationalists have indicated over several studies that … they are more likely to believe in conspiracy theories, more likely to distrust the media and more likely to distrust scientists and feel like there’s some kind of conspiratorial agenda that is behind all of that,” said Samuel Perry, associate professor of sociology at the University of Oklahoma, in an interview.

When you take that into account and couple it with a president who repeatedly hammers that narrative, it is worrisome. Read the full article HERE.

Rhonda McDonald

Do you like satire? I do. Well, it seems like God made a partner for Ronald McDonald from a McRib. Full story HERE.


Do you have 2 minutes and 22 seconds to spare? Trust me, it’ll be worth it. This video about Tarvuism made me laugh out loud. It came out in 2008, yet somehow I’d never seen it until this week!

Click HERE to watch.

It means so much that you enjoy my content. I’m almost done with the series where I read Revelation (trying to see if there’s anything to this ‘the world is ending’ garbage that Christians are spewing).

Check out the latest episode HERE.

I hope you have a great rest of your Sunday and great week! 


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