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The White Evangelical Vote

With the US presidential election coming up, that’s mostly what people are talking about…well, that and the still increasing COVID-19 cases.

It’s pretty scary that many evangelicals cannot and will not separate what it means to be an American. They think it’s synonymous with being a Christian. It’s not.

The numbers in this chart below are pretty staggering (from The Friendly Atheist):

You’ll notice that 78% of white evangelicals say they’ll vote for Trump. The number was even higher than that. It was at 83%!

It’s hard to understand why that number is so high for a man who is openly sexist, racist, and vile. I really think it comes down to the abortion issue. As long as Christians view abortion as murder (which will be always), the person who claims to be pro-life will get the majority of the evangelical vote.

Full article HERE.

Rationality Rules

This is a very good YouTube channel for nonbelievers or skeptics, in general. In this video, he talks about Pascal’s Wager and Richard Dawkins vs. William Lane Craig. I particularly love the hypothetical brought up at the 5:18 mark about atheists being rewarded with heaven. 

Watch the video HERE.

How the Universe Came from Nothing

This video is 8 years old, but I spent my Friday night watching it.

It’s really interesting to hear Lawrence Krauss and Richard Dawkins discuss physics and evolution, and how difficult it is for us to wrap our human brains around them.

Video HERE.

I hope you have a great Sunday! 


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