Happy Sunday, Unfollowers!

I’ll be honest… I’m fucking tired. This election wore me out. I went to bed around 4am every night since Tuesday. Please forgive me if I keep this email short and sweet, but I didn’t exactly consume my normal amount of content this week. Everything was thrown off by being glued to the election news.

I’m definitely pleased with the results of said election, but I won’t get too much into politics today.

Just kidding. Fuck Donald Trump 🙂

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Who would Jesus vote for? I saw a great post by @joluehmann this morning on Instagram. If you’re not following her, please do that now! Here’s a quick screengrab of her post:

I’ve seen so many posts this week about how Trump was appointed by God, and now that he is going to lose the election, those posts have turned into “pray for our nation.” Trump has somehow become synonymous with God’s will. How? White Christian nationalists.

Many of the same people who were posting about BLM and George Floyd also voted to re-elect the guy who won’t admit that systemic racism is a thing. Something doesn’t add up here.

See Jo’s full post (several slides + caption) HERE.

“The Spirit World”

I’m a glutton for punishment, so I sometimes look up the Facebook profiles of people with whom I used to go to church. I’m rarely disappointed at the nuggets of idiocy that I find.

For example, one lady made this post: “I can’t explain the faith level I’m in right now. I can’t even say what I see. All I can say is trust HIM!!!” in regards to not getting what she wanted with election results. One lady replied to her “Praise Jesus, I can’t even watch all the fake news. We need to stay in the spirit world.

This same woman also shared a Trump re-election prophecy. Wake up, sheep! This election is done. I wonder what they’ll say when Trump is evicted from the oval office? Probably something about Satan at work.

I guarantee you that my former churchmates are doing the same thing these speakin-in-tongues MAGAwomen are doing:

RIP, Alex

As I am typing this, I just saw the sad news that Alex Trebek has passed away. No, this has nothing to do with religion, but I don’t care. I was a big fan of his. Such a brilliant man. Do you remember Concentration?? I loved that show.

Here’s a great quote from him that I very much relate to: “My self-deprecating humor is worth its weight in gold.”

I don’t cry often over celebrity deaths, but this one got me.

Weird Church Experiences

Join me on YouTube live tonight! I’m going to be talking about the weirdest things that I’ve experienced in church, and I’d love for you to share some of yours!

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Have a great Sunday!


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