Happy Sunday, Unfollowers!

How YOU doin’? Besides the fact that we’re setting records for most deaths in a single week in this country, I’m doing okay.

It’s been a very trying year in so many ways.

I’ve been trying to figure out a good weekly routine for podcast/YouTube/social media content, and I think I’ve finally come up with something that will work well!

I’ve been putting out podcast episodes every Tuesday since March (the only week I missed was intentional for BLM). Most of my episodes are short, and people seem to like that, but I also want to start doing additional, longer episodes with guests. Another thing I’m planning is to take the content that I send out in these emails and make accompanying YouTube videos for them.

So…here’s what the new schedule will look like:

Tuesdays: YouTube video and solo podcast

Fridays: Podcast with guest(s), which will be available on YouTube and all podcast platforms

Sundays: This weekly email + an accompanying YouTube video

Probably more exciting for me than you, but there ya go!! Starting in 2021 (possibly before).


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Here are the two from this week:




Bass Ackward

An Australian couple is mad because they were denied the ability to become foster parents? Why were they denied? Well, it’s because they said they wouldn’t accept a child’s LGBTQ+ lifestyle and would, instead, support conversion therapy for that child.

Here’s a quote from the couple:

“We do feel we have been discriminated against and also we felt that if we were quiet about this and didn’t say anything about it, it could potentially harm or limit any people with the same Christian values as ours from fostering.”

They feel like being open about their intentions hurt their chances, and, sadly, they’re probably right. Check out the article HERE.

How About Some Stand-Up?

I went down the religion stand-up YouTube rabbit hole and came up on this 15-minute video of some great bits: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6cXLQt4fEk 

Why Do Christians Want to Die So Badly?

Another great video from Holy Koolaid (Thomas Westbrook). In this one, he examines the cringiness that is Christian Tiktok. It’s bad over there. The hyperbole is off the charts. The false information. The persecution complex.

And in this video, Thomas is talking about how Christians fantasize about dying for Jesus. It’s so true, too. Just thinking back on my church days–the drama skits, the music, creating an enemy that doesn’t exist. It’s bad.

You can probably relate to this video. Watch it HERE.

Dave Ramsey is What is Wrong With America

Bold statement? Maybe. But it’s people like Dave who are making this pandemic way worse than it ever had to be. In true Christ-like fashion, he ripped a hotel for their mask mandates and protocols:

“As you guys are well aware we don’t require masks but if someone wants to wear a mask we don’t mind,” according to a recording of the meeting obtained by RNS. “Everybody gets to choose what you want to do. This is America — a voluntary thing, you choose what you want to do. But we’re not going to have someone pay $10,000 for a ticket to have some $8 an hour twerp at Marriott giving them a hard time about wearing a mask.”

I used to listen to him sometimes about financial stuff, but he makes too many blanket statements and mixes in too much Jesus for me. He echoes the sentiment of many other religious conservatives who claim that America is living in fear. Never mind the fact that thousands are dying, Dave. It’s all about that $$, right?

Full article here.

Zoom Hangout!

I’m hosting a Zoom hangout Friday 12/18 @ 8pm EST. I’m not sure how many people will join, but I’ll send the link out Friday evening! We’ll just be chatting casually and maybe playing a game or two.

Hope you have a great Sunday!


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