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Good morning/afternoon/evening/whenever the hell you’re reading this 🙂 

Hope you’re doing well. I’m actually in a great mood today (which is rare, lately). 

If you’re traveling for Thanksgiving, please be safe!


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Frank Turek Isn’t a Total Dick

The other night around 2am, I watched a debate between Frank Turek and Alex O’Connor (CosmicSkeptic) on morality because that’s where my life is, currently. It was a great conversation. I learned quite a lot, including these two things:

  1. CosmicSkeptic is a brilliant young man. He was only 18 in this video, I believe.
  2. Frank Turek isn’t as much of a dick as seems to be in his sermons and other debates (maybe Hitchens and Dawkins just bring out the worst in him).

It’s definitely worth a watch. Check it out HERE.

Pastor Dave

I’m not sure how I’ve never seen this, but thanks to Matt for sending me this Reno 911 clip on Instagram. If you have a couple minutes to spare, it’s fucking hilarious.

Watch HERE.

Live Tonight on YouTube

Tonight (Sunday at 9pm) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHv5OcdAU4YI’ll be hanging out with Oz from The Atheist Round Table. We’ll be talking about why we speak out about religion, as well as just shooting the shit, answering questions, and talking about the crazy stuff we see on TikTok. Come hang out with us!

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Astrology is a Touchy Subject

Woo boy, lemme tell ya. I made a post on Instagram about astrology, and it quickly became my most popular post ever…and not only in a good way. Here was my post:

I got several comments about astrology being harmless and something that people who deconstruct Christianity get into because they were never allowed to look into it as a Christian. I get that, and it makes a lot of sense to me, but I also think it’s not a great thing to put so much stock into pseudoscience. My friend, Rebekah (The Curious Atheist) made a blog post about astrology:

“Almost everyone I’ve come across who has an interest in astrology is against multi-level marketing schemes, organized religion, bigoted nationalism, conspiracy theories, and other forms of science denial. Something about astrology is too tantalizing for people to pass up: it’s “in”, it’s perceived as harmless, and it’s fun whether or not it’s true.”

Check out her full post HERE.

Thanks for reading, and have a great Sunday! I hope to see you in the chat on YouTube tonight!!


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